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Good morning,

since I was born I live in Wetter. First in Alt-Wetter in the Hochstra├če, then on the Kaiserstra├če. 1999 my future wife, who lived in Wengern at that time, and me moved to the Heinrich-Fischer-Stra├če in Grundsch├Âttel. In 2004, we seized the opportunity and created our own home on the Zamelberg in Oberwengern.

I feel a strong closeness with my hometown. I love its interesting location between the larger cities Hagen, Witten, Bochum and Dortmund and its unique topography with its elevations and waters along the Ardey mountain range.

Since 1975 I have been a member of the Trombone Choir Wetter that I musically conduct since the death of our former conductor Fritz Bertram in 1987. Also, I am committed to further various activities in the Lutheran Parish Wetter (Ruhr) that I support especially in online and media issues for many years (e.g. the creation and maintenance of Internet site Not only from an architectural perspective, the focus of our community is the Lutheran Church – the Ruhr valley cathedral, to which I have a special relationship: My great-grandfather Rudolf Buschmann was the builder of this beautiful church, in which I like to spend many hours (of exercise) with my trumpet.

In 2010, a first loose contact with artists from the region developed, which intensified over the years steadily. In spring 2013, we founded the community of artists Diversity of Art's (, a registered nonprofit association with a high demand on the created art and the artists themselves. In March 2014 I joined the local Rotary Club Wetter-Herdecke Ruhrtal (, a circle of appreciated people who are dedicated to the claim "do good" in the regional environment of Wetter and beyond.

And so it might not be surprising that in the context of my professional activities, which led me from Dortmund via Essen to D├╝sseldorf and again back to Essen, I drove many kilometers of motorway for many years not to lose my roots and maybe a piece of my identity.

Wetter at the Ruhr – the town of Harkort – is for me a piece of identity. It is my home and a beautiful habitat.

My profession and my relation to the town marketing

Since July 2014 I am owner of the company Development and Art, which deals with IT, media and communication issues. At the beginning of 2016 Markus Dr├╝ke and I opened a loose dialogue on the further development of the town marketing in Wetter. One result of our exchange is this website, which has the aim to move our hometown Wetter as a wonderful place for living and working into the right light.

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Am Zamelberg 2
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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